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The Greg Mort Raisonne’ Archive Project is compiling a comprehensive database of artworks produced by Greg Mort. It includes current and or original owners, distribution from gifts or estates which result in changes of ownership, as well as historical milestones of note such as exhibitions and publications for each work of art.  This record is continually being updated in order to maintain a thorough documentation of each Greg Mort work. Collectors, dealers, galleries, and institutions that own or have owned Mort paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, and/or other unique artworks are asked to email or mail information using the below form.

Please note that database contributions are for reference purposes only and are completely confidential. Collectors may also choose to remain anonymous. If a piece is used in publications or exhibitions, the credit line and provenance entry would then read "Private Collection."
Google and Youtube may hold further information.
Correspondence, images and information can be sent by copying and pasting the below form via email or by conventional mail to the following address:

Greg Mort Archive Project

P.O. Box 355

Port Clyde, Maine 04855


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